No Win No Fee

Most people will have heard of the term, ‘No Win No Fee’, but what does this actually mean. A ‘No Win No Fee’ agreement or Conditional Fee Agreement (CFA) as it is formerly known, allows a solicitor to act on your behalf and pursue your compensation claim without you having to pay any expensive legal fees upfront.

This agreement therefore allows access to justice for thousands of people who otherwise would be unable to afford the legal fees, or the financial risk were they to lose their case.

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    The Agreement

    Our expert solicitors will evaluate your claim and if they believe your claim has reasonable prospects of success, they will agree to act on your behalf.

    The No Win No Fee agreement means that you pay nothing up front, and even if the worst does happen and your case is not successful, you will not have to pay expensive legal costs.

    The only time you would be asked to pay any legal costs would be if you were to breach the No Win No Fee agreement due to one of the following reasons:

    1. If you have been found to be dishonest or making a fraudulent claim;
    2. Non-cooperation by you, which jeopardises the outcome of your claim;
    3. If you terminate your no win no fee agreement early with us before the conclusion of your claim.
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