Public Liability Claims

The term ‘public liability’ covers a wide range of accidents that happen in public places. The most common type of public liability claim is a trip or slip claim, but since these are so common they tend to be put in their own category (see Trips & Slips). We have a team of specialist solicitors who deal with cases which occur, through no fault of your own, on public property.

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    Accident Types

    Some common examples of public liability accidents include injuries on badly managed stock in retail stores, food poisoning in restaurants and injuries on unsafe equipment in school playgrounds.

    Injuries in retail stores

    Food Poisoning in restaurants

    Injury due to unsafe equipment

    If you have suffered injuries in any of these circumstances, call us today to discuss the compensation process with one of our solicitors.


    How can we help?

    Generally speaking, the owner of the lane or the person responsible for the area owes a duty of care to all visitors and must ensure that the area is free from dangerous objects or defects. Sufficient steps must be taken to oversee the safety of the public and if injury occurs through negligence, then you can claim for full compensation.

    If you have had an accident whilst on public property within the last three years, due to the negligence of the owner or operator of that property, and have been injured, then one of our specialist solicitors may be able to claim compensation on your behalf.

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