Student Visas

Student Visas

Non-UK nationals wishing to study in the UK will need to apply for a Student visa. Your age, length of study and where you want to study will affect the type of visa you will need.

Our immigration lawyers can help you identify the most suitable option, from assessing eligibility requirements, to processing your application, Expert Law will make the process simple and easy to understand, boosting your chances of success.  

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    Student visas

    Student visa requirements

    You can apply for a student visa if: 

    • You have received an unconditional offer of study from an approved sponsoring institution 
    • You have received a Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies from your sponsoring institution 
    • You score at least 70 points on the points-based system 
    • Can demonstrate English language ability (at CEFR level B2) 
    • Able to support yourself financially and pay for your course  

    If you are applying from outside the UK you can apply for a Student visa 6 months before the course starts and you will usually receive a decision within 3 weeks. Providing the course is longer than 6 months, successful applicants may be able to arrive in the UK 1 month before it begins.  

    Applicants inside the UK must apply before your current visa expires and at least 3 months before the course starts. A decision is usually provided within 8 weeks.  

    Students aged 18 or over attending a degree level course will usually be able to remain in the UK for up to 5 years. For studies below this level, the maximum period of stay is usually capped at 2 years. 

    Student visas

    Child Student visas

    You can apply for a Child Student visa if you have: 

    • An unconditional offer from an eligible independent school 
    • Access to enough money to support yourself financially and pay for your studies  
    • Consent granted by your parent(s) or guardian(s) to study in the UK 

    For more detailed advice based on your individual situation, you can speak with our immigration solicitors about Child Student visa requirements or any other related enquiry. 

    Student visas

    Short-term study visa

    You may be eligible for a Short-term study visa if you: 

    • Are attending an English language course that lasts longer than 6 months 
    • Have been accepted onto a course with an accredited provider 
    • Can prove you can pay for your course and support yourself financially  

    If you want to attend an English language course that lasts longer than 6 months, you can apply for a Short-term study visa that will be valid for up to 11 months.  

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    Student visas

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