Sponsorship Licence

Sponsorship Licence

UK businesses that want to sponsor individuals to work or study in the UK need to apply for a Sponsorship Licence. Unfortunately, the application process is complex, and for start-ups and SMEs that do not have dedicated resources to deal with these types of processes, it can quickly become a daunting and complicated experience. Working together, we can help your business apply and manage your Sponsorship Licence so you can focus on successfully recruiting the best people for the job.

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    How can businesses get a Sponsorship Licence?

    If you are an employer looking to hire staff from abroad, you are not allowed to have:

    • Existing unspent criminal convictions related to immigration offences or other crimes such as money laundering or fraud
    • Held a licence that was revoked in the previous 12 months

    Your business will also need systems in place that can monitor sponsored employees and dedicated staff members able to manage sponsorship processes.

    A Sponsorship Licence lasts for up to 5 years unless it is withdrawn by the Home Office. If you wish to continue with the employment of the worker, the licence must be renewed before expiry.  The Expert Law team can help your business with new applications and renewals, if you want to secure an extension for a skilled worker.


    What type of jobs are suitable for a Sponsorship Licence?

    If the job you are advertising has a suitable skill level and rate of pay, or meets the criteria of the required visa, you can apply for a Sponsorship Licence. This covers roles such as:

    • Skilled workers
    • Health and care workers
    • Intra-company workers
    • Seasonal workers
    • International sportspeople
    • Government-authorised exchange workers
    • Creative workers
    • International agreement workers
    • Charity workers
    • Religious or minister of religion workers
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    Why choose us?

    Expert Law can assist your business to successfully apply for Sponsorship Licences. We know from experience the many obstacles you may have to overcome in order to be granted a licence, so we keep things as simple as possible to ensure you are always up-to-date with the progress of your case. The Home Office can issue large fines for the employment of illegal workers and we’ll help you avoid this risk and offer support if your licence has been revoked. 

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